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Publish & Share Site Announcements to Facebook and Twitter
Create, publish, and share site announcements to your Website, Facebook, and Twitter...all in one place! Also, managing content on your Group page is now even easier with streamlined publishing and management options available immediately on your homepage. It's all part of eChalk's Summer 2014 Release. Take a look!

Get Flipping with eChalk!
Teachers everywhere are starting to “flip the classroom.” Students access video lectures and other learning materials outside of class or at home on their own time, and then apply what they’ve learned and do “homework” in class.
Get Started with these eChalk Flip Tips!

Submit Your Homework on an iPad
Using iPads with your kids, but struggling with how to collect their work? See how students can submit their homework from an iPad using eChalk's Homework Drop Box.

Your eChalk Personal Dashboard
Get all of your school information in one place, on any device. Wherever and whenever you need it, dashboard is ready for you. Personalize your learning space using drag & drop features and customize content "Tiles" including the Homework Drop Box status to highlight content that is most important to YOU. Learn more

Just Getting Started with Lesson Planner?
Watch this 4-part video series for teachers on how to create lessons, copy lessons, share lessons with colleagues and your Class Pages for students/parents, and how to turn in your lessons with just 3 clicks!

Reorganize Your Site Resources
eChalk Site Managers can quickly reorganize their site resources by modifying the "Location" setting for individuals resources or move an entire folder all at once. Don't delete and start from scratch! Simply reorganize by changing the "Location" of your resources. Read more...

Customize Your eChalk Directories
eChalk's dynamic site directories include automatic listings of your school's Faculty & Staff, Class Pages, Group Pages, Blogs, and Calendars. Site Managers may rename or customize the vocabulary of their site directories (e.g. changing "Faculty & Staff" to "Meet Our Staff"). Read more...

Modifying Box Styles in Layout Manager
Each eChalk theme comes with a set of ten Box Styles. Site managers can use eChalk's Layout Manager to customize the Box Styles for content areas on their site. Read more...

Move the Site Translation Toolbar on Your Homepage
Learn how to move your site's Google translation toolbar to another region on your homepage. Read more...

Customize Navigation Links in Spring Fever Theme
Learn how to customize which navigation links appear in the main (top) and/or left navigation regions when using eChalk's Spring Fever theme. Read more...

Setup Your eChalk Blog
Once eChalk Blogs are enabled at your school, you can setup your blog (My Account>Blog) and create your first blog post. Learn how to create a title for your blog, choose a blog theme, enable comment moderation, and create a blog post. Read more...

Enable eChalk Blogs
eChalk Site Managers can enable eChalk Blogs by user type(s) at their school(s). Here's a quick review of how to enable blogs publicly or privately for administrators, teachers, students, and/or parents at your site. Read more...

Enable eChalk Class Email Alerts
eChalk Site Managers can enable class email alerts at their school(s). eChalk Class Email Alerts allow parents to keep up-to-date on important announcements, upcoming events, homework submissions and other class information. Read more...

Insert a Video using eChalk's Media Manager
eChalk's Media Manager tool makes it easy to upload and embed your own custom videos anywhere in your site. Here's a quick look at how to insert a video on your homepage for site managers and how teachers can use the Media Manager in their eChalk Class or Group Pages. Read more...

The eChalk Homework Drop Box: How It Works
eChalk's Homework Drop Box helps teachers save time and eliminates frustrations when organizing and collecting homework online. One-of-a-kind options include integrated teacher-student commenting, local time zone support for submission deadlines, submission receipts and status for students, a summary view and archive for students, and integration with Google Apps for Education. See how it works for teachers and students!

Are you using eChalk's Class Email Alerts?
Here's a quick look at how your school can make it easy for parents to keep up-to-date with important class assignments and announcements. Read more...

Be sure to visit the Recent Screencasts area for more quick tutorials on various eChalk functions and features. If you'd like to see a screencast for a particular aspect of eChalk, let us know!

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